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Are you at a roadblock in your life?
Do you want learn how to live more mindful?
Do you want to take care of your body by eating healthier, just don’t know how?
Is your stress level effecting your life, realtionship and health?
Do you love Yoga and want to learn how to keep the feeling in every day life?
Do you have tension or cronic pain in your body and don’t know why?


We will introduce how you can take the Yoga off the mat and into your life. The program is packed with tools you can use as a plattform to begin making healhty shifts and choices in your life. Our body is our vehicle trough life, it holds  information based on the quality of our thoughts, therefore, every class will include  physical as well as mental excersices.

First you should  know it’s not about changing yourself as a person, you are amazing!! But you can shift the way you think about yourself and shift patterns and thoughts that might be holding you back from actually being YOU!!

This Program will help you see what IS and what ISN’T working in your daily routine and give you insight how to be brave and fearless to go after what you want. Nutrition awareness, understanding your relationship to food and creating a healthy eating pattern that works for your body.

“If you want the best that life has to offer, Offer life the best of you”

”I have personally been where are you are- I have struggled, lost, laughed, let go, cried, lived and grieved.

I have been to the darkest place and through all this and studying with some of the greatest masters from all over, filled my kit with amazing and life altering tools, from where I found my purpose and a new passion for life.”


But I don’t have the time

Ask yourself this: How important from 1-10 is your happiness, health and wellbeing?

To live mindfully doesn’t take time. When we are present, here and NOW we actually get more creative with our time, recieve more energy and can balance our routines.

”Camilla är en oerhört inspirerande och tillitsfull person, både vad gäller det fysiska och mentala. Hon ser och känner av varje individ vilket gör denna workshop så personlig. Man lär sig inte bara av sina egna känslor och tankar utan lika mycket av alla andra. Där är Camillas känsla för intigritet knivskarp då hon vet när hon ska agera eller stå tillbaka. En liten människa med mycket stora och kloka ord”.

Helena Thilander

Datum 2019

Kurstart 10/2, 8 söndagar 10:00-13:00


3 495 kr, Obs! 500 kr rabatt t.o.m 31/12-18


Observera att kurs & eventanmälningar alltid är bindande. Inbetalat belopp betalas ej tillbaka, vid sjukdom betalas avgiftet tillbaka vid uppvisade av läkarintyg endast innan kursen startat. Betalning av avgiften sker på bankgiro 639-8952 eller direkt på Yogaroom (kontant eller kort).


Marie Forssell


Hör av er till oss via mail:  för att boka din plats. Har du fler frågor kan vi boka in ett telefon samtal med Marie.

I really do believe it’s your right to be happy, live in harmony, feel awesome and create the life you are worth living!

Ta steget och investera i dig!

Love från oss på Yogaroom