Seek to be present not perfect av Camilla

//Seek to be present not perfect av Camilla

I’ve lived my whole life backwards. The faster to the destination the better. I began Hathayoga with the most difficult poses from start, before I knew the basics, before my body was ready. I got hurt, but continued, I got hurt again but tried harder. The basics was boring, boundaries made me rebel. I have fallen my whole life, met the darkness with close fists, met fear with.. screw you. I was a daredevil, it became was my choice of drug, the faster and more dangerous, the more high I got. Finally, I got the punch that knocked me to the ground. The journey to heal my wounds was brutal but truthful. I became friends with the pause, fell in love with my soul, made peace with the dark and embraced fear.
I have taught Yoga for almost twenty years, I have LIVED Yoga for ten. I thrive on the journey, the moments, the NOW- I listen. I still set goals, I still run. I have no time to waist. Life is short. But truly, I enjoy every step a long the way, rather than quickly get to the destination. See, I want to celebrate when I get there. Drink a glass of champagne and be proud of what I accomplished. Rather than get so burnt out and have to fix myself and everything around I knocked down along the way.
My body is my vehicle to get there, I buy the more expensive gas so it won’t break down on the way. It deserves the best, just like my son.
Image-1I teach the basics for as long as needed, simple sequences, that in reality are more difficult because you have to be there longer, feel deeper and the transitions into the pose will set the tone how you will enjoy yourself once you get there.

My purpose is to share, to help others shine their true light and that it’s ok to fall and to learn how to get back up, with grace. Who are you when life moves to fast, when things don’t go your way, when you get challenged? How do you face your fears? Do you let them paralyze you, hypnotize you to believe you can’t live the life you want, you dream of.

When did you get so scared of falling you don’t even try new things anymore?
Who do you want to be when you are 86 years old and looking back on your life?
Hatha yoga is our playground, where we can giggle like children when we get into poses we thought was impossible. Where we enter a world of freedom and expression through our inner world of silence.
Where we respect each other, become inspired, open our hearts and mind into curiosity. Our playground, where we are free to explore without judging ourselves or others.

Hathayoga is a way of life, a road map to help us navigate through our days, our life. We take off the mask that is hindering us to shine our full potential. Who we are, who we are meant to be.
To love life and see its beauty when it’s the most difficult, to be grateful the simple things life teaches us. And to know, that to live fully, mind and body needs to be a team, equally as important.
After all that is what the word Yoga means; to join, to balance, to unite.



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